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RFID Tag For Asset Control

IT assets are costly investments for any company, such as server blades, laptops, tablets, and other peripherals, not to mention that information stored on those items could prove detrimental in the wrong hands. IT asset tag could give your IT team the ability to quickly do an inventory count and make sure everything is in place.

By automating data collection, RFID technology vastly reduces human effort – and error. Because RFID technology reads multiple tags at once without requiring a line of site, customers are able to more quickly and accurately locate assets without climbing on ladders, cramming under desks, or scanning labels one-by-one.

Besides, it also enable true cost control and audit-proof inventory, improve asset accounting with customized and ad hoc reports of asset locations, trends, status, and history, support life cycle management and scale more efficiently, protect critical information on devices, quickly locate critical equipment and achieve real-time physical asset inventory.

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