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RFID Tags For Air Transportation

RFID Tags For Transportation are used widely. Here, it will show you about the air transportation.

According to an analysis by the International Airline Travel Association (IATA), about 10% of all mishandled bags are caused by bad barcode reads. Another 11% are attributed to missing baggage sortation messages (BSMs) which tell handlers where the bag is going. Both of these issues can be addressed directly by RFID. The remainder, which includes human error, late arrival and other mishaps can be indirectly improved through more comprehensive tracking enabled by RFID.

In contrast, RFID does not need “line-of-sight” to automatically capture the tag number. RFID tags For Transportation can be hidden by suitcase handles, other bags, ink, dirt and other marks and still be read. As a result, capture rates range from 95% to 99% , which can lead to a direct reduction of read errors by a factor of 10.

UHF RFID has limitations in the presence of metals and liquids, for example. Additionally, cross-reads can lead to inadvertent reading of tags on adjacent conveyors. But these issues are well understood, and five years of work in the retail, asset tracking and Pharma sectors have led to significant improvements in performance of both readers and tags.

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