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RFID Tag For Meeting Attendance

An increasing number of associations are turning to RFID and NFC (near- field communication) technologies to track attendees, such as RFID Tag For Meeting Attendance—whether it's to provide exhibitors with hard numbers, monitor how people navigate conferences, record continuing education credits, retrieve leads, or simply get a head count for lunch.

And as it turns out, it's not just the cattle folk who don't mind being tracked—and if they did, this would assure them that the association has total control of the data for each person and only pulls contact information (no credit card information); they can even opt out of the email sharing if they wish.

RFID Tag For Meeting Attendance should have a data security policy that is referenced in all digital communications, and attendees should be able to review it before submitting data.

In the future, the association will be able to determine how many attendees are going down each aisle of the tradeshow floor, which will provide sponsors with traffic numbers. Another upcoming change: printing on demand, which prints an RFID-encoded badge in less than a minute.  

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