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RFID Wristbands For Concerts & Events

Festivals are now allowing patrons to link their social media accounts to their RFID wristband, enabling them to access a variety of unique functions throughout the venue. For example, if a festival goer happens to come across a band that they really enjoy, they can simply scan their wristband at an adjacent kiosk and immediately have a range of important information about the band downloaded directly to their device and hence, their social media account.

Besides identification and social media integration, I’d like to bring your attention to another glorious feature of RFID wristbands, cashless transactions. It’s now possible to load credit onto your wristband at a festival, allowing it to become a digital currency throughout the venue. Forget about cash or cards, while you’re at the festival, you can make all of your purchases with your wristband, without ever needing to open your wallet and once again, the use of this technololgy over traditional methods greatly reduces congestion.

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